Our mission:

Help Other People Excel

Our purpose is to inspire and encourage people to boldly face their obstacles, and by doing so, with courage, they can positively impact the world around them through persistence and by breaking through limiting beliefs.


Our Vision

To sponsor under privileged kids in the local community to run in the Conquer Youth Young Lions Ninja Obstacle Event in there hometown!

We believe in our youth, and we want them to have every opportunity to excel!

Our purpose is to inspire and encourage them to boldly face their obstacles, and in doing so, with courage, they can positively impact the world around them!

Each locally sponsored child competing in the Conquer Youth event will directly impact the lives of kids in Haiti facing real life obstacles everyday.

Funds raised will be used to support VOH’s partner organization: With All My Heart Foundation to feed, cloth, and house the children in Haiti.

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Our Impact Goal

Is to raise $8,600 per city that our partner Conquer Youth visits.

That will sponsor local organizations supporting under privileged children to participate in Conquer Youth’s Young Lion Ninja Obstacle event, as well as feed, house, and cloth the children of Haiti facing obstacles every day.

We want every child in the US to be encouraged to courageously face obstacles by getting to participate in fun event the whole family can enjoy!

Because of Conquer Youth’s partnership, the money raised to support the local children will be used to impact kids in Haiti facing obstacles every day. See below some of the ways we are Helping Other People Excel in the country of Haiti!

Organizations we are associated with:



Homes to build for families in Haiti

We will be financially supporting With All My Heart Foundation in the fundraiser: Village for Haiti.

Construction will consist of Safe T Homes for families in need.



local Family’s influenced

In each city of a Conquer Youth event we will be sponsoring 200+ kids for an adventure they won’t forget! Encouraging them to face obstacles and never give up! This will give families bonding opportunities they may never have had, and subconsciously impact the children face there obstacles in life with perseverance.



Thousand children Impacted

In addition to the support we’ll provide to the kids locally we will be partnering with organizations making an impact on the country of Haiti. Organizations who are Feeding children, Caring for Orphans, Equipping Families, Giving Medical Aid, Taking Mission Teams, and Providing Education.



September 2018

Seeing the obstacles the children in the country of Haiti face left me with deep knowing that somehow my drive for entrepreneurship and impacting kids lives were tied together.

Shane Shahan - Conquer Youth Co Founder



Get Involved


Sponsor a Young Lion

Sponsor a child through one of our partners serving the low income community to participate in the Young Lions Obstacle Course adventure race in his/her city. (40% of the sponsorship will go toward our efforts in Haiti)

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer at a Conquer Youth event in your community and help us inspire and encourage the next generation to courageously take on obstacles.

Make a Donation

Our vision is to encourage the underprivileged children in our communities. To ensure we accomplish our mission, we operate with financial integrity maximizing the impact of each contribution. Our administrative expenses are kept very minimal to ensure every gift is given directly to helping more children.